Popsicle Stick Puzzles

I recently saw this link on Pinterest to a mental math stick puzzle game and immediately thought of a few ways I could adapt the concept for use with my girls!

I whipped up a bunch of puzzles to use for some independent math and literacy activities.

For Munchkin, I made one with rhyming CVC words, one with rhyming Bossy E words, one with words ending in diagraphs, one for mental addition 0-10, and two with number lines to solve addition and subtraction up to 20.




For my littlest and our preschool aged day care friends, I made an upper and lowercase letter matching puzzle, and one for number recognition.



I added arrows to remind the little ones which way to go

Lay out the sticks face up in front of your child, and have them locate the Starter stick. Read the word/equation/letter/number on the other end of the stick, and find it’s match/answer on the right side of another stick. Slide a finger across to the other end of that stick and repeat the process, searching the left sides of the remaining sticks for the next answer. Repeat until all sticks are in place.

There is only one solution to these, so if they get to the End stick and still have some remaining, they’ll immediately know that something went awry!

These can easily be adapted for mixed mental math, multiplication / division facts, skip counting and so much more.

They are great for on the go entertainment, as they fit easily into a small snack sized ziplock.

Leave a comment with any other suggestions you may have for incorporating these portable puzzles into your day!

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