Felt Quiet Book Pages

In the summer of 2014, I took both girls on their very first plane ride out to Manitoba to visit my parents. While I was there, I made a bunch of felt activity pages to keep the girls entertained on the ride home. My mom found a few templates online, and others I designed myself. The list of templates/links can be found at the end of this post.

These quiet pages are SO useful! Easy to tuck into a bag for car rides and waiting rooms, and ideal for keeping the little one occupied while I work with her big sister. Munchkin has taken to requesting them as her Quiet Time activity lately too!

Some of them are simple, one paged activities:


The pony beads slide up and down. Munchkin loves to use it as an abacus!


The baby can be fed, the diaper undone, and the rattle has a bell in it.


The pink square on this stage scene is full of felt girls and a variety of clothes and props.


The paint splotches on this palette are removable. They love to ‘paint’ their surroundings!


This is the Little Princesses’ FAVOURITE activity.

To play the one pictured above, one person looks away while a second person hides the little mouse finger puppet behind one of the houses. The first person looks back and sings

Little Mouse, Little Mouse,
Are you in the ____ house?

(filling in the blank with the colour of the house they’ve chosen)
They then check behind that house, and if the mouse is not hiding there, they sing the song again, choosing a different house each time, until he is found!

Others are far more detailed:


This farm page has a bunch of play options. All 3 doors open, revealing pockets where the 4 finger puppets are stored. The wooden gate opens, and beneath the green grass are 3 little areas – some grass for the cow, a water trough for the horse, and a mud pile for the pig! There is also a hidden bird behind the cloud that Princess loves.

This next one was a labour of love.
The two pages go together to make a castle play scene.
I made 2 princesses, a knight and a dragon for the finger puppets.
When not in use, all 4 fit in the two hidden pocket behind the tall grass on the castle page.

My favourite part about this page is the drawbridge! It opens and shuts, making a path over the castle’s moat! One of the puppets can fit behind the door.


The centre castle turret has a pocket , and the black window of the right tower can hold a puppet too. There are little fish hiding beneath the grass below the castle moat.

At the top of the scene page is a cloud on a ribbon. One side is a white cloud with a bright sun, the other has a darker cloud with a crescent moon. The dragon lives in the cave at the top of the page. A snake and a squirrel are also hidden in the scene.

My second favourite thing about these pages is the hidden picnic blanket. When folded up and secured with its velcro tab, the blanket is hidden behind some rocks. Opened up, It easily fits the princesses. 🙂
IMG_20140714_134722 IMG_20140714_134727


This one is also a lot of fun! The pieces of the sandcastle fit into the bucket, and the fish are stored in the ocean. I made the fish magnetic by gluing a metal paperclip into each one. When the girls want to fish, they use one of the many magnetic fishing rods we’ve made. (Glue about 2ft of yarn to the end of a 12″ wooden dowel, and
secure a small magnet to the other end of the yarn.)

IMG_20140714_135114IMG_20140714_135153 Munchkin loves this activity. The clothes are stored in the laundry basket, and are hung up on the line using the mini clothespins (great for fine motor practice!)

IMG_20140714_140110   IMG_20140714_140200

IMG_20140714_135920These Mr and Mrs Potato heads are technically the same page. All of the pieces need to make these two (plus one more) are stored in the basket.


IMG_20140714_134752     Untitled4

To see the original inspiration and links to any templates,
click on the page
descriptions below!

Mr. Potato Head (template)
Mailbox (template)
Paint Palette (inspiration)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (inspiration)
Barn and Puppet (template)
Sandcastle (template)

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