Rainforest Unit Study Day 4

Day 4: C for Crocodile

Review of Days 1-3
Introduction to Amazon River
Crocodiles of the Rainforest

Illustrated World of Animals
Rainforests by Precious McKenzie

We had a busy day today! In addition to all of the following activities, the girls did 5 pages in their math workbooks, and 3 in their literacy books (EACH!). I also squeezed in a trip to the library this afternoon, as Munchkin is devouring all of the emergent/beginner reader books we got last week!

While Munchkin read two of her beginner books aloud to me, the Little Princess sat quietly doing a fun upper and lowercase matching game I made. She did great with this activity, and used Dr. Seuss’ ABC book to help her on any she didn’t know.

You can get the clip cards free for a limited time HERE, if you’re interested!

After that, we listened to the Dr.Seuss’ ABC Audiobook while they followed along in the book (CD is included with the book when we borrow it from the library!).

After that, they used their Duplo blocks to build a rainforest scene.
We have a Diego set that includes a ton of different wild animals, so they were able to include several Rainforest animals and 2 different types of trees to represent the
Emergent and Canopy layers. The blue pieces in the front represented the Amazon River and the crocodiles we were studying today! 🙂


Next, we snuggled up and read some interesting facts about the Amazon river in our books.
The girls were fascinated with the fact that there are no bridges spanning the river, so we made up a game to play, using paper plates with turtles on them. We pretended our blue carpet was the River, and used the plates to move across the room without touching the ‘water’ (step on one plate, move the second plate in front, step on the next one,
and move the first one in front, repeat).

Next, they had a lot of fun with a colourful crocodile weaving craft.


After their adorable creations were hung on our art wall, we played a game of “Monkey Rescue”. It is part of my Letter Mastery Unit (available HERE).

I made the crocodile by covering an empty Cascade dishwasher tab container with construction paper and drawing a belly and some scales on it.
We glued some googly eyes to the top  for that added cute factor 😉

To play, we put the lowercase deck of alphabet cards, 6 game cards and one monkey card into the crocodile. They took turns reaching in and grabbing one card. The goal is to try and get the monkey card – if it is the last card left in the croc’s belly, we lose!
To make it more challenging for my kinder, I had her give me the sound and one word that started with each letter she chose, while Princess worked on identifying the
lowercase letters.


Then we sang the 5 little monkeys song while using these cute little monkeys
(found here) and a clothespin crocodile I made.

Here are the lyrics we use:

5 little monkeys, swinging in a tree,
Teasing Mr.Crocodile “Can’t catch me,
No, you can’t catch me!”
Along came Mr.Crocodile, sneaky as can be,
then CHOMP – uh oh!

4 little monkeys…..
3 little monkeys…..
2 little monkeys…..
1 little monkey…..

We wrapped up our day by baking some chocolate chip cookies, and enjoyed them while we watched the Rainforest episode of The Magic Schoolbus together.

Check in tomorrow to see what we get up to in our study of the Amazon River Dolphin on Day 5 of our Rainforest Unit Study!

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