Rainforest Unit Study Day 3

DAY 3: B for Blue Morpho Butterfly

Animal Defenses
Intro to Nocturnal/Diurnal Animals

Rainforests by Precious McKenzie
Magic School bus: Butterfly Battle
Over in the Jungle – A Rainforest Rhyme by Marianne Collins Berkes

We started the day reviewing what we covered in Day 1 and 2.
Then I introduced the set of rainforest calendar card connections I found here.
The girls really enjoyed looking through the picture cards and hypothesizing what the
topic of each would be. We will be reading one card a day.

We really enjoyed reading “Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme”.
We read it 4 times! After the first time, they remembered that we had animal cards that matched most of the ones in the book, and matched them up to the pages as we read the book the following 3 times.

Click here to get your own set of Free Rainforest Animal Cards,
if you didn’t get it on Day 2!

rf books

It has such a catchy rhyme to it, and the pictures are stunning . They are wonderfully bright and really appealed to the girls!

 rf book

After that, we read a bit more about our animal of the day: The Blue Morpho Butterfly.
We brainstormed and read about different animal defenses, and hypothesized which type of defenses each of the animals on our Rainforest Animal Cards might use.

Next, we did a set of self correcting Make 10 cards (available here).
I chose to laminate ours and use dry erase markers on them.
My girls LOVE getting to use my phone to check their answers!
I use the i-nigma app (free in the google play store).

butterfly math pic

After they ROCKED that mini math lesson,
we listened to this cute little Rainforest song a few times:

They really enjoyed singing along and pointing out all of the animals they recognized!

I then laid out this set of wall borders, purchased at Dollar Tree,
and a cute little frog figurine.

I encouraged them to work together to put them in order while i wrote out
a page each of addition and subtraction questions.


They then took turns hopping the frog on the lily pads to answer the given questions.
(And yes, Little Princess got all dolled up in a princess costume for school today 😛 )IMG_20150417_113144                           IMG_20150417_114320~2

During lunch, they chose their next rainforest food (CUCUMBERS!) and added its card to

our Rainforest Food Board. (Click here to get a set if you missed it on Day 2!)

Munchkin and I read the Magic Schoolbus Chapter book “Butterfly Battle”
while Princess napped.

After nap, we took our lessons outside.
I made up some Sticky hunts for the girls. Munchkin worked on sight words, cvc words and cvce words, while Princess worked on matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

IMG_20150417_155509 IMG_20150417_155950

We had a lot of fun – can’t wait to see what we get up to tomorrow!

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