Spring has Sprung – An Unexpected Break from the Rainforest

One of the many things I love about Unit Studies is how we can oftentimes adjust our plans to take advantage of different opportunities as they arise.

Take yesterday for instance – it was a BEAUTIFUL 70 degrees , light breeze, bright blue sky…. after a week of thunderstorms and high winds,
we couldn’t help but enjoy the outdoors!

rf colouring girls

We opted for an unschooling kind of day instead. We relaxed for a bit in the morning, colouring while we listened to some new Audiobooks. We snuggled up with some emergent readers at Munchkin’s request and then headed outside. On our first walk, we made observations about the newly planted trees and budding flowers – taking pictures of our favourites to look up later, then made some new friends and had tons of physical activity between our walks, climbing, jumping, racing, rolling, digging, sliding and swinging at the park! They decided to do a neighbourhood cleanup as our contribution for Earth Day this year, and made a list of what we’d need when we came home for dinner.
We reviewed what we covered yesterday on our walk to the store {yes, they were the ones marching down the sidewalk singing the continent song on repeat!} and practiced skip counting and money sense when they each picked out a toy and a treat to buy with their own money. All in all, a great day 🙂

girls outside

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