Why “Hi 5 Homeschool”?

You may be wondering what the ‘Hi5’ means in ‘Hi5 Homeschool’.

When I first started homeschooling my eldest (officially started in fall of 2013) I came across a free mini poster on my very first foray into the wonderful world of TeachersPayTeachers called “Give me 5” (originally created by Chalk One Up for the Teacher, though is no longer available).
It reads:

1. Hands to Self
2. Mouths Quiet
3. Eyes Looking
4. Ears Listening
5. Hearts Caring

I incorporated the saying into our daily Circle Time, using them as guidelines for expected behaviour, and my tiny humans LOVED IT! The rare time I’d forget to say it (or to have one of them recite it for me), they were always quick to remind me to do our “high fives!”

We’ve been using it every day since, and after the first week or so, I need only to raise a hand to get them to refocus and self correct! It’s a wonderful gentle reminder of our expectations without me having to stop our lessons to correct them.

Anyways, back to the point of this post…

Shortly after I printed off the poster, my eldest started trying to sound out simple words, and one day while I recited our ‘high fives’ and pointed to them, she jumped out of her seat and yelled “STOP!!!

She came up to me and said “Mama that’s WRONG. It should say H – I and the number 5. There’s no ‘guh’ sound in Hi!”.

I was so proud of her for making that connection! ❤ It was in that moment that I knew what we were doing was working for her.

Not long after that, I came up with a list of 5 character skills I felt we needed to focus on.

Self control

Our hi5 mentality tied into that as well, and as we discussed these qualities, the gentle reminder of raising a hand with 5 spread fingers to shoulder height helped them redirect when they were struggling with one of these as well!

So there you have it – the ins and outs of why I’ve named this little blog after our “Hi5 Homeschool”.

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